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Power Flushing Hastings

Winters across Hastings and East Sussex can be severe, so, homeowners cannot afford to have a faulty central heating system, especially if you have small children. At the same time, unfortunately, its very common for central heating systems to breakdown around the wintertime. There are so many reasons for this but the situation can be very stressful and potentially expensive.

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Our Plumbing Services Include

General Plumbing

We deal daily with water supply issues, repairing leaking and faulty taps to fixing burst pipes and installing bespoke bathrooms, Wet-rooms and Showers.

All Works Undertaken

Our Local Hastings plumbers are highly qualified, experienced, and waiting for your call. Hassle-free and the highest standards guaranteed!

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Boiler Repairs Hastings East Sussex

Boiler Repairs

Our team of professional heating engineers are ready and waiting to serve you. All of our team are extremely qualified and experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers.

All Makes & Models

Our dedicated team are competent when it comes to boilers, heating, plumbing, boiler servicing and Boiler Repairs.

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Boiler Servicing Hastings East Sussex

Boiler Servicing

Our experienced boiler servicing engineers will professionally diagnose your domestic or commercial boiler, avoiding long term expensive costs

Avoid Long Term Costs

Any faults are found, we will advise you accordingly. PLUS, we will guarantee the repair for 12 months.

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Brand New Boilers

Our highly skilled and qualified team carry out new boiler installation work on a regular basis

All Works Undertaken

Our vast experience of boiler installations and all things heating is second to none and have installed thousands of new boilers

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Power Flushing

Have you ever found yourself in a position where your central heating system is playing up?

Clean & Treat You System

Do not panic, because there are power flushing services to help you.

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Gas Safe Engineers

Our experienced team and fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers are the best around.

Highly Skilled & Experienced

Whatever the time is and you need a gas safe registered engineer you can simply call Jamison Plumbing And Heating

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where your central heating system is playing up? Do not panic, because there are power flushing services to help you. Contact Jamison Plumbing And Heating for a free quotation 01424 391391.

We are contactable 24/7 on 01424 391391

Let Jamison Plumbing And Heating assist you by improving the performance of your boiler and central heating system with our expert power flushing services in Hastings, East Sussex and all surrounding areas.

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Why Do I Need Power Flushing Hastings ?

The collection of things like sludge and rust from the copper pipework often cause elements of your central heating system to clog up. Always have an expert engineer to power flush your heating system.

Our power flushing service here at Jamison Plumbing And Heating include a careful cleaning process that removes the sludge and debris from your heating system and restores its functionality.

How often does my heating system require power flushing?

There are often telltale signs of when your central heating system needing an MOT so to speak. Here are just a few that you should be aware of and contact us when you recognise them:

  • Slow warming of the system
  • Partial heating of the radiator
  • Cold spots present throughout the system
  • Noise coming from the boiler
  • The increasing frequency of bleeding required for radiators
  • Increasing utility bills
  • Valve or pump seizes to work
  • Whenever you see any of the above signs, there’s a chance that there is a buildup of debris and sludge in your central heating system, which is why it is malfunctioning.
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Jamison Plumbing And Heating recommend you power flush your heating system every three-five years depending on the size of house and usage. Power flushing your system will help maintain the overall performance of your boiler, radiators and pipes. We would also advise that you have your old system power flushed before installing a new boiler.

How power flushing benefits you?

Below is why you should choose our power flushing services in Hastings and East Sussex:

Improved performance and lifespan of your heating system – Jamison Plumbing And Heating can raise the efficiency of your heating system with a precise cleanup/ flush. This will help reduce any corrosion and damage on the components of your heating system work to make it work correctly. Regular power flushing can help extend the lifespan of your heating system by up to ten years.

So How Else Will Power Flushing Benefit Me?

Reduced Gas Bills – With the improvement in performance, this means faster-performing radiators. Your radiators will heat up your home quicker, meaning you won’t need to keep your heating on high all the time. You use less energy and which will reduce your monthly gas bills.

No Need To Replace Heating System – Power flushing Jamison Plumbing And Heating strive to restore your heating system without the expensive cost of replacing the whole thing. You don’t need to replace as long as you look after what you have got. Its a bit like having your car serviced or MOT’d.

Contact us for more information on 01424 391391

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Our Core Values

Jamison Plumbing And Heating are a family run business started by Lee And Dan Jamison in 2008 supplying Commercial and Domestic Plumbers across Hastings, East Sussex and the UK.

Trusted Associations And Partners

We also specialise in catering for larger commercial projects like Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Care Homes and many more, we are extremely proud to have worked for clients regularly such as The Ivy, Bill’s Restaurants, Krispy Kreme and many more.

Commercial Plumbers Hastings East Sussex, Brighton, London
Commercial Restaurant Plumbers Hastings East Sussex, Brighton, London
Commercial Restaurant Plumbers in Hastings East Sussex, Brighton, London
Commercial Plumbers Hastings East Sussex and Brighton, London

Check Out Some Of Our Recent Work

Jamison Plumbing And Heating feel extremely privileged to be able to work with such fantastic domestic and commercial clients, also being involved in working on some amazing projects such as The Ivy and Bill’s restaurants and many more.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“Thank you to you and your team for such a fast, friendly and professional service. I have had several bad experiences with trades in the past, Jamison Plumbing fitted our new boiler, they were very polite, clean and tidy. I would recommend them to anyone.” – HARRY SMITH • NEW BOILER INSTALL


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